Danny Oh – Violin Maker

In 1995, Danny Oh was double majoring in Physics and Aerospace Engineering at UCLA when a business opportunity was presented to him. A friend of his father needed a part time sales agent in the U.S. for the orchestral string instruments he was made in Korea. And as any engineer would, he began measuring and quantifying. He studied the best examples of fine sounding instruments. And before long, again as any engineer would, he made his own model. Then he made another, improving and building on what he learned from the previous one. And then another.

In 2002, Danny teamed up with Owen Lee to set up their workshop in Los Angeles, California. From there they imported and distributed instruments from China, Korea, and Germany. Here they modified some of the instruments they imported to improve their sound and playability, creating new lines. And, they began building instruments under their own marque Owen and Parkley.

Danny received his formal training renowned violinmaker Amos Hargrave of Lawrence, Kansas.So far, he has worked over 500 instruments in his workshop, with no plan to stop any time soon. Today at Los Angeles Violin Shop, Danny specializes in making violins, violas, and cellos in a unique collaboration of old Italian violin making traditions with modern scientific methods.

Through his education, training, and experience making instruments, plus his willingness to experiment, Danny has gained a reputation for his expertise in tone and getting the best from the instruments he works on. An expertise he happily shares with his customers and employees at Los Angeles Violin Shop.

Hojoon Owen Lee – Violin maker, Instrument Advisor

Owen Lee began his violin adventure in 2002, when he began importing violins, violas, cellos, and basses from various countries including China, Korea, and Germany.

Through diligent effort and excellent customer service, Owen built strong relationships with many well-known violin shop owners across the country. When they talked about the violin business and meeting customer expectations, one problem kept coming up: the inability to improve on the instruments provided by third parties.

This led Owen to renowned violinmaker and restorer Amos Hargrave in Lawrence, Kansas. Working with Hargrave, Owen learned the skills of violin making as they restored old Italian instruments as well as other fine instruments.

After his apprenticeship with Hargrave who was pupil of Rene Morel New York and judge of International Violin making competition (VSA), Owen continued and intensified his study of old Italian and old fine violins. In addition, today he uses his experience and expertise to provide accurate and informative appraisals on customers’ instruments. Owen regularly visits Europe to look for hidden gems and the highest quality antique instruments and bows from all over Europe.

Owen is constantly searching for the best sounding instruments for his customers. Because he has been tracking the string instrument market for a number of years and works with many dealers across the country, Owen can give accurate advice to customers and investors, including forecasting the potential return on investment any instrument might have.

Owen’s background as a violinmaker, his passion for these instruments, and his experience have lead him  great opportunity to inspect and examine some of the best instruments from the likes of Antonio Stradivari, Guarneri Del Gesu, J.B Vuillaum, the Gagliano families, and many more. He is able to give accurate advice and appraisals to his customers confidently.

After long partnership and training with renowned French appraisers (Mr. Jean-Francois Raffin, Sylvan Bigot, Yannick Le Canu for French bows and Jean-Jacques Rampal, Jonathan Marolle for fine instruments), Owen Lee and LAVS are proud to announce they will be hosting an event in every January with these experts.



Daniel Hooper – Sales Manager

Daniel began his violinistic journey in the fourth grade, and came up through the public school music program. Along the way, he took a number of Superior ratings at Solo Festivals, won chairs in many Junior High and High School Honor Orchestras, and was a member of Youth Symphony West for four years. He attended the Conservatory of Music at University of The Pacific, where he majored in Music Education and studied violin under Warren van Bronkhorst.

Daniel took his degree in English Literature at San Francisco State University, but still found time to play with San Francisco Children’s Opera, The University Symphony, and other community musical groups.

On returning to Los Angeles, Daniel decided to get seriously reacquainted with his violin, and that lead him to Los Angeles Violin Shop, where Danny and Owen were looking for a Sales Manager to help them grow their business and make themselves more widely known to the public school orchestra directors.

“The driving force behind Los Angeles Violin Shop,” according to Daniel, “is to put the best sounding instruments in the hands of players regardless of their performance level or budget. That means that students and those just starting out can get an instrument optimized to its highest potential, just like those of top performer. And they get the same service. That’s why I enjoy working at Los Angeles Violin Shop.”

You can find Daniel running around the Southland visiting High School Orchestra directors, talking to students about the importance of proper care and mantainence of their instruments, and helping customers in the shop, when he’s not trying ou