Trade In & Consignment

100% Trade-In Policy on LA Violin Shop’s Instruments
There has never been a better time to “Step-Up” to your next instrument!
Los Angeles Violin Shop is devoted to your musical development from your first beginning instrument to the eventual instrument of your dreams. We know how important your equipment is in producing the best sound possible. As you grow musically, you will undoubtedly need an instrument that can grow with you. We encourage you to take advantage of our Trade-In Program. Whether it is from a 1/4 size to a 1/2 size or from an advanced instrument to a professional instrument, we offer you a generous trade-in credit for your current instrument: At Los Angeles Violin Shop, we accept any instrument, and/or bow purchased from Any Shops will be accepted for upgrade instrument at our shop in full trade in value with original receipt less repair, replacement string fee, wear and tear depreciation cost. We can accept trade-ins without the original receipt, however, we will appraise the item with current values. 100% of trade in value may be applied towards up to 70% of retail purchasing price. 
Instruments and Outfits
100% Trade-in Credit may be used towards up to 70% of the purchase price of a new, used or blemished instrument or instrument outfit at LA Violin Shop.
Refurbishment fees and other conditions apply, please see below.


Reconditioning Fees for Los Angeles Violin Shop Instruments

$150 for violins $1,500 and under (Frantz Carmen,and  Lukas Carmen Models trade in value will be 50%)

$180 for violas $1,500 and under

$250 for cellos $2,000 and under

$300 for basses $2,000 and under

 $200 for violins above $1,500

$250 for violas above $1,500

$350 for cellos above $2,000

Trade-In Terms and Conditions:
You must have purchased the original instrument or outfit directly from Los Angeles Violin Shop. Trade-in credit may only be applied to the purchase of the same type of instrument (violin, viola, cello, bass) and may not be applied to electric instruments, consignments. Trade-in credit from multiple instruments may not be combined. Trade-in credit may not be used toward the purchase of some highly discounted instrument special offers. May not be combined with any other discount or promotional offer. A depreciation fee may apply if the instrument has had serious damage such as cracks. LA Violin Shop reserves the right to change all policies at any time at’s sole discretion and to refuse a trade-in due to excessive wear, damage, or any other condition at Los Angeles Violin Shop’s sole discretion. We cannot guarantee trade-in value towards the purchase of consignment instruments, old instruments, or contemporary makers’ instruments. Los Angeles Violin Shop does not accept case only trade-ins. Los Angeles Violin Shop reserves the right to refuse to accept for trade any instrument, bow, and/or case that has been subjected to abuse, damage exceeding the value of the instrument, or repair by unauthorized person(s).
*Please Note: We cannot accept for trade cases that have been permanently marked with names or for any reason that makes the case unsuitable for resale.

Instruments not purchased from LA Violin Shop
Whenever possible we will try to accommodate customers with trade-ins from other companies. If you would like to trade-in an instrument you purchased elsewhere towards a LA Violin Shop instrument, please call our Violin Shop Staff at 213-471-2124. Please note that each situation is unique and we are not able to accept all trade-ins. However, the Los Angeles Violin Shop Staff promises to do their best to present a trade-in option towards a Los Angeles Violin Shop instrument.

Consignment Policy

Regular consignment instrument fee will be 30% of each instrument, However, it is always negotiable for fine and rare instrument consignment. Any certificate sold with an instrument must also be returned to receive full trade-in value; otherwise the cost of replacing the certificate will be deducted.

We are looking to consign or purchase contemporary violin and bow maker’s instruments all the time. Makers please feel free to give us a call about contracted program and work with us.